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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 7, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> live and in h.d. this is abc 7 news at 11:00. on your side. >> when you wake up tomorrow morning it will be the coldest temperatures our area has seen in six months. >> the cooler-than-normal conditions we dealt with apparently just a precursor for what's ahead. let's get a first look. adam. >> it took us half a year, six months, to make the temperatures like this. but it will be the coldest morning we've seen since april. adam caskey at the weather score. let's get to frost advisory and freeze warnings that we have in effect off to the west of washington. from midnight until 9:00 a.m., in shen -- shenandoah, hampshire counties, on the far left side, frostburg, western alleghany and garrett counties a freeze morning from midnight
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until 9:00 a.m. at elevation, mchenry, maryland atlas ski resort, 34 degrees. at this hour. willow green 34. frostburg, frostburg state university 40. and even in big meadows virginia shenandoah near luray, 39. closer to the metro area not that cold. 47 in washington. 45 reston. 43 gainesville. in the 40's across the metro area. but temperatures will continue to slide. i think into the mid and upper 30's across most outlying suburbs. even in montgomery and fairfax counties. loudoun county. by tomorrow morning. when you wake up. so the coldest morning that we've seen since april across most of washington and i'll tell you what's in store for the rest of the day tomorrow. and let you know if it will be any different than what we saw today coming right up. >> adam, thank you. a man was shot twice in the stomach tonight by a prince george's county police officer. it happened around 8:30 this evening in bladensburg. police tell us as they responded to a domestic situation, the suspect came at them with a knife.
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that's when police fired shots. the victim was taken across the street to the p.g. county trauma center. the officer we should point out was not injured. >> the countdown to election day is on tonight. and only a month to go. and both presidential candidates have been busy on the trail. our abc 7 has been following the every move and joins us with where things stand tonight. >> only 30 days to go until the nation elects a president. the men hoping to call the white house home are on the road. former massachusetts governor mitt romney is hoping to ride a wave of momentum while the president is raising money. >> we've got some work to do. we've got an election to win. >> sunday night, president obama held a star-studded fundraiser in southern california. that included a-listers george clooney, stevie wonder, john bon jovi and i katy perry. with so many stars in the audience, he poked fun at his less-than-stellar debate performance last week. >> everybody here is incredible professionals. they're such great friends. and they just perform
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flawlessly. night after night. i can't always say the same. [laughter] [cheers] >> republican candidate mitt romney rallied supporters in the critical state of florida on sunday. he warned that a second term for president obama would lead to the kind of economic ruin that crushes the american dream. >> we're going to hold that torch very high on november 6. the world is going to see we're serious about coming back and strengthening the base of this great country. >> while mr. obama continues to outraise mr. romney other republican leaders insist that policy matters not money, will win this election. >> the president can't say to the country, look at what i've done, look at my record. re-elect me. >> the fact of the matter is as president and joe biden are getting clobbered on the policies that they put in place. >> democrats used the sunday talk shows in part to redefine romney's debate performance last week. not as a strong showing, but as a political facade. one obama advisor called romney
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masterful and theatrical. >> mitt romney will say absolutely anything to get elected. and if somebody says absolutely anything to get elected, you have to wonder what they're going to say when they're president. >> we have a few more round to go in this fight. what we saw in the first round is a very energized performance. it was big bird meets the big lies. >> mr. romney vowed during the debate to cut federal funding to pbs. ergo the big bird. tonight the president said "governor romney plans to let wall street run wild again. but he's bringing the hammer down on sesame street." reporting live in the newsroom, jay korff. >> a developing story on another presidential election. that is playing out nearly 2,100 miles from washington, d.c. but being closely watched by a lot of people here in our area. venezuelans went to the polls to choose a president and within the last 20 minutes, the results were announced. tom has reaction. >> literally folks in tears and
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very upset here moments ago when those results came out. the results out of venezuela say that the long-time president there, very anti-american president hugo chavez, was the winner. but i can tell you folks to my left here, they don't agree with those results. they believe that the election was rigged in that country. they're dejected right now but earlier today they were in a much different mood and getting the chance to vote they hope to throw out chavez. >> elina and lilia were among big crowds that waited in the rain to vote at the embassy today. some venezuelans drove from as far as georgia, lilia flew back early from a trip to iowa. >> and just moved to washington, d.c., at 6:00 a.m. >> what made the vast majority so eager to vote is the chance to get rid of 14-year socialist president hugo chavez. at the venezuelan restaurant laca in falls church many customers from venezuela say
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the reason they're in the u.s. is chavez who they believe is destroying their country. >> very bad. my aunt has been -- >> it's not safe there. no jobs. >> beatrice and francisco camacho moved to the u.s. 17 years ago and they originally planned to move back. >> chavez in power, no no way. >> we can tell with our eyes what's happened. and what we saw we didn't like it. >> the comachos say relatives got on a black list and couldn't find jobs. lilia's mother lost her oil job. >> he fired her. >> and elena says she couldn't get a public school teaching job. all because of chavez. still, chavez has his supporters. >> and back out here live, venezuela, those supporters were enough to give him the election but these folks you see here they don't trust the results and say it was rigged and right now they're actually listening to a speech by shen reek caprice who challenged --
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henrique caprice who was the challenger but the official word is chavez held ton win. these folks do not trust those results and a much different situation in venezuela and can't trust the elections down there like you can up here in the u.s. live tonight in georgetown, outside the venezuelan embassy, abc 7 news. >> tom thank you. and an outbreak of meningitis that has hit nine states is growing. an additional 27 cases of fungal meningitis increasing the total number of cases to 91. that's including some cases in virginia and maryland. so for at least nine people have been killed. the pharmacy that distribute add steroid linked to the deadly outbreak of meningitis has issued a recall of all of its products. >> an early note from the sports world. a rough day for the redskins who lost to the atlanta falcons, 24-17. but the concern tonight is a potentially bigger loss. star quarterback robert griffin iii, he was knocked out of the
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game in the third quarter after taking a hard hit to his helmet as he was running. doctors did determine griffin suffered a concussion. however, just a few hours ago, griffin posted a twitter message that says he's ok. and should be able to play next week. we'll have the full highlights a little bit later on in sports. >> more positive news on the sports front. it sure was a big day for the nats. they're off to a great start in the playoffs. tonight, they beat the st. louis cardinals and abc 7 suzanne kennedy was at busch stadium along with a few other locals for all the excitement. >> some nuned, baby right here -- natitude, right here. >> sky high after the first win against the st. louis cardinals. >> nigh natitude is at the st. louis arch. >> they left busch stadium thrilled at the outcome. >> we're so excited. you can't be too excited. the cardinal fans -- >> ups, downs, bases loaded,
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great catch by werth. the play of the game. getting out of the bases loaded jam with no outs. huge. so huge win. >> jennifer pura is part of the nate pack during home games. she's a college student in st. louis and lucky enough to snag a ticket and see a win. >> i expected to win the whole time. but i was a little concerned. but i never gave up. so it was great. >> tickets. >> nats. 2012. first playoff. >> earlier in the day, nats fans anxiously watched batting practice. hopeful that their team would start the series off with a w. the thinker sten brothers made the -- the thurston brothers made the pill grammage. >> amazing. unbelievable experience. >> they said the wheels would fall off and so proud they didn't. >> the nats go into game two with one win under their belt. that game will be played tomorrow at 4:37 eastern time. in st. louis suzanne kennedy abc 7 news.
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>> and straight ahead here on abc 7 news at 11:00, the hunt for a killer is on tonight in alexandria. why investigators believe there may be a personal connection between the victim and the shooter. >> also ahead a deadly day on the roads of maryland. and police say caused this accident right here in gaithersburg that claimed at least one life. >> and what caused this wedding brawl? the hotel brawl caught on camera. and it ended with a guest
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 11:00. on your side. >> alexandria police are looking for a killer tonight a 30-year-old mark eades was found dead around early this morning. police say the victim was assaulted by an acquaintance and died from wounds to his upper body. no arrests have been made so far. but police say they know who they're looking for. >> a deadly day on maryland roads. two people were killed this morning on 95. when their s.u.v. which was apparently stopped in the roadway was hit by two vehicles. hours later, gaithersburg, the
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driver of a modsa was trying to go around a curve and ended up going into oncoming traffic hitting two cars. a passenger in the mazda had died at the scene. two others needed to be hospitalized. and this afternoon several lanes of i-207 near germantown were shut down after an accident involving four cars there. taking a look at stories around the nation, the search is on for a missing 10-year-old colorado girl featured right here. jessica ridgeway vanished without a trace while heading to school three days ago. today, police got their first real clue. they found her backpack and a water bottle 12 miles from where she vanished. still no sign of jessica 800 volunteers scoured trails and hill sides. jessica's parents are going through a divorce and aren't speaking publicly but police say they are cooperating with this investigation. >> there was a huge brawl that broke out between two wedding parties in philadelphia. and the chaos was caught on tape. authorities say up to 100 people were involved in the
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fight which took place at a hotel bar in the city of brotherly love. dozens of police officers were called in to try to restore order. the uncle of one of the brides suffered a heart attack and died. at least three people were arrested. it's not clear what started that fight. >> some parts of our area will experience temperatures in the 30's overnight. >> meteorologist back on how long the [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standa at citibank.
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[ woman ] don't forget the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier baing. standtard at citibank. >> it was the unmanned falcon rocket and a dragon capsule holding 1,000 pounds of cargo, it will reach the orbiting lab wednesday and docked for three weeks before returning to earth with an even bigger load. among the items it was carrying chocolate vanilla swirl ice cream. >> very nice. and a private company that launched that. so that was a great thing. not by nasa. whole new endeavor. >> weather today dreary, damp. for such a gray day, here's the time lapse that started from sunrise all the way through an
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hour before sunset. for such a gray and damp day we didn't have much rain. and a nice little hit for the garden but overall maximum accumulations were up to a quarter of an inch in parts of southern maryland and eastern shore. and there you goy. just one of those gray damp days. and tomorrow, i think is going to be very similar to today. not as much rainfall. not as widespread throughout the entire day. but i think tomorrow afternoon, evening, we'll have more areas of rain and going to be just as cool. today, we made it to 56 for the high temperature. the average is 71. well below average. and only a four degree temperature spread from the morning low of 52 to our 56 into the afternoon hours. and .11 inches at raringen national. wind out of the west at six miles an hour. we are seeing some patchy fog developing outside. we had that rain throughout the day. and the skies started to clear. a couple of hour ago. and that's translating into fog. especially down near manassas and dulles and cull pep senior seeing fog. area -- and culpepper seeing
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fog. 51 in annapolis. cumberland 43. we're really going to see those temperatures drop through the nighttime. some of the coldest air of the season. actually the coldest air since april is in town and you'll feel it by early on monday morning. so there's a look at some of the clearing behind the energy that caused the rain throughout the day today. here's the wider view. we have the cold front. off to our east. and felt that along the east coast. and also some upper level energy that i'm keeping a close eye on. this is in parts of the mid south basically arkansas, oklahoma moving into northern mississippi. that's going to make a be. -line for the with a area and give us areas of rain i think. light rain for the second half of the day. tomorrow. on our monday. maximum accumulations on monday. i think would be closer to about .1 inches to .2 inches. more of a nuisance rain for the second half of the day tomorrow. here's a look at our morning
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lows. come monday morning. look at this. widespread 30's. mid to upper 30's. even suburbs in montgomery county fairfax county and manassas probably 58 degrees. 37 to start your day in hagerstown. cumberland down to 34. and closer to 43 within the beltway at reagan national. so here's your express forecast for monday. around 7:00 a.m. still in the 30's in some spots but closer to 40 for most of us. 52, mostly cloudy and areas of light rain. after 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. but it's not going to be all that heavy. and not too widespread. just in spotty light hours late in the day. slight chance of rain wednesday. but otherwise, the week is looking dry. wednesday by the way at home, it doesn't look like it will get in the way of the game. >> that's good to here. >> a big day for local sports teams today. >> huge day. a lot of people at the bars, the nationals making history and made it in st. louis. how? we'll tell you coming up. and robert griffin iii, the number one concern for redskins fans
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>> and now the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> no matter how bad the redskins' defense looks or what the loss column says, washington has its bright spot. rg3. the star quarterback this town is so desperately hoped for and griffin tweeted after today's game that he is ok. and should be ready for next weekend. but that's doing little to ease anyone's worries tonight. the entire d.c. area held its collective breath when robert griffin iii took this vicious shot in the third quarter. >> not sure what quarter it was. the third quarter, at that time, and wasn't really sure what the score was. >> and never want to see a quarterback go down, especially someone of his caliber that can help us win that game today. >> he didn't get out of bounds and tried to get a good hit on him. and unfortunately he left the game. i wish the best for him and hope everything is going all right.
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>> griffin left the game with a mild concussion. according to head coach mike shanahan. so in came fellow rookie kirk cousins and showed fans why the redskins drafted him. connecting deep over the middle to santana moss for a 77-yard touchdown. giving the skins a 17-14 lead early in the fourth. >> i approach every week like i'm the starter and need to be ready to play. and that won't change leaving the stadium as it has the past few weeks. >> i have to step up and make a play. kirk came out there, made a play. >> but the redskins' defense showed signs of fatigue late in the fourth. this michael turner touchdown run gave the falcons a 24-17 lead. cousins tried to duplicate the magic but he threw two costly interceptions late in the game. feeling the -- sealing the victory for atlanta. the redskins lost 24-17 and maybe even more with rg3. >> just hopefully to get back and making sure the guy is all right. >> we've got confidence and our
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backup as well. and things happen. and prepare for the worst. so i got confidence and very supportive. and i have no doubt that the character on this team that we'll bounce back. and we'll stay together. and what he has done to bring the right guys in to do that. >> better tomorrow if you are tyler moore and billy cundiff. the nats rookie came through in a clutch as a pinch hitter as the club rallied back from a seven loss performance out of their starter gio gonzalez. 21 wins on the season and you think it would be better but the nats' d came up huge. bottom of the sixth, jayson werth proving he's worth every penny of that big contract. really a game changer. saved two runs. defying gravity with that catch. bottom of the seventh. bases loaded. ryan mathis gets allen craig to ground into the 6-4-3 double play. nats get out of a huge, huge jam. and then top of the eighth still 2-1 cardinals. tyler moore hit a soft little blooper to right.
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it is in there. it's enough to get it done. michael morse and ian desmond score. nats take game one. some natitude with the dramatic comeback from behind the 3-2 finish. >> we've had guys all year, and i feel blessed to help us out a little bit and able to get those extra two runs that we needed and shut the door. >> i don't think we stole one. i think we earned one. we fought in that game. in every way. just like we have all year long. >> to get the first one is -- we got a chance at tomorrow. and we got jordan going. which has been good all year. and we feel pretty good about things right now. that's for sure. >> and the orioles and yankees are tied at two in the seventh inning up in camden yards. beltway baseball. >> what a crazy, exciting day. >> all right. thank you.
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>> talk about a tough day on the job.
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look at this surveillance individual -- video, a truck into a a front of a store. the driver was able to take off but an eyewitness got the truckas license plate number. the driver was later arrested on numerous charges including drunk driving. amazingly, though, no one was se
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>> going to be even colder tomorrow morning. >> very cold monday morning. we're talking 30's in some suburbs and low to mid 40's within the beltway. looking ahead at this week, wednesday is the closest we will be to the average high temperature. otherwise generally cool. until we get to sunday. but for the work week a cool week overall. and just some areas of light rain monday and a brief little shot on wednesday. >> below average right? ok. thanks. thank you for watching. >> we're going to be right
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